Easily bookmark files with a simple Windows 10 app.

Filemark makes it easy to bookmark files in Windows. Simply right click a file and select "Bookmark file" to create a new bookmark. Move bookmarks between files quickly by drag-and-dropping them onto another file.

Filemark bookmarks are regular files that are named after the bookmarked file. They follow the file when the folder is sorted by name. Bookmarks sync across all your devices when used with cloud storage like Dropbox.

Filemark is free and can be downloaded from button below:

Example use cases:

Which episode did I watch last time?

Bookmarked files make it easier to continue where you left off without having to move or rename the original files.

What files was I working on in my project?

Bookmark finished, incomplete and upcoming files to keep track of your progress.

Filemark Pro

You may also upgrade to Filemark Pro for 5 USD and enable multiple colors for bookmarks.

Version comparison

Filemark (free) Filemark Pro (5 USD)
Blue color

Upgrading to Filemark Pro:

After purchasing Filemark Pro right-click any Filemark bookmark file, select "About Filemark" and click "Set License".

Technical requirements

Filemark requires a Windows 10 PC. Filemark is a per-user installation and does not affect other users of your computer. Bookmarks will follow the bookmarked files in File Explorer when the folder sorted by name.


Support, inquiries and per-machine installations for businesses:

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